America's Warrior Partnership Launches Initiative to Help Businesses Recruit and Retain Military Veteran Employees

Corporate Veteran Initiative empowers businesses to engage veteran employees and tap into the unique skills they bring to the workplace

America’s Warrior Partnership announced the launch of its Corporate Veteran Initiative (CVI), a program that provides businesses with insights, guidance and training to improve recruitment and retention of military veterans in the workforce. The CVI enables companies to develop and implement customized workplace solutions that empower veterans to thrive in their careers and become valuable assets to their employers.

“Businesses in every community where we have a presence seek assistance in retaining the military veterans they employ,” said Jim Lorraine, president and CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership. “This has been a challenge historically, with nearly half of all veterans leaving their first post-military job within a year. We created the CVI so that companies can better understand and engage their veteran employees. Businesses that prioritize building strong, long-term relationships with their veterans will tap into quality talent, reduce turnover costs and gain a competitive advantage within their market.”

America’s Warrior Partnership conducts the CVI within each company along three phases:

1.     Assess – An assessment of a company’s current hiring practices, local community and workplace culture through a series of employee surveys and interviews.

2.     Serve – Using the assessment insights, America’s Warrior Partnership develops a customized solution and implements it within the company’s workplace. This “one-size-fits-one” approach includes staff training and the introduction of a task force that connects veterans with sought-after resources and programs.

3.     Retain – As the CVI is implemented, America’s Warrior Partnership maintains relationships with company leadership and veteran employees to provide ongoing guidance and ensure the long-term success of the program.

The CVI will be particularly beneficial to companies that seek federal contracts, as the U.S. Department of Labor requires all government contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative action to recruit, hire, promote and retain military veterans. The 2018 hiring benchmark under this mandate requires 6.4 percent of a company’s workforce to consist of veterans in order to be a federal contractor or subcontractor.

Lorraine and Josh Wilson, corporate relationship manager at America’s Warrior Partnership, will participate in a Facebook Live broadcast on Wednesday, June 26, at 1 p.m. EDT to discuss why businesses should prioritize veterans in the hiring process and how companies can create a workplace culture that improves recruitment and retention of veterans. To view the livestream, visit the America’s Warrior Partnership Facebook page at

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